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Partner Dancing, Yoga and Functional Fitness

At Argo Movement, we love to share our authentic passion for dance, yoga and healthy living to inspire everyone to live an extraordinary life.

We love to help bring more joy to others by increasing the feeling of happiness and reducing the levels of stress. Healing through movement is caring for the mind, body and soul!

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What We Offer

At Argo Movement we bring you a variety of ways to stay active for your wellbeing of mind, body and soul!

Partner Dancing

Yoga Training

Functional Fitness

Our Instructors

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Ardena Gojani

Partner Dance, Yoga, Fitness

Elin Brandser Bråten


Eivind Linn

Solo Dance

Hedda Vatten



What others say about us

West coast swing classes were always the moments I looked forward too. Especially when Ardena would give them. She made me fall even more in love with the dance.

She is always energetic and enthousiastic.

I learned a lot from her, she would perfectionize my every move. I hope I have the chance again to follow her dance classes in the future!

Noortje G.

Amazing dancer, amazing instructor! Ardena always adjusts the teaching to the level of her students making sure we learn as much as possible and at the same time challenge us with tecnique, making sure we always aim to get better! She creates a warm environment and always give herself to the dance and to her students! Love her!!

Anneli S.

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