ARGO Movement



I’m Ardena Gojani, and I’m the driving force behind Argo Movement! I’m super excited to be on this journey with you, fostering a community that’s all about the transformative power of movement.

At Argo Movement, our mission is to inspire you to lead an extraordinary life by weaving dance, yoga, and a commitment to healthy living into your daily routines.

For me, it’s not just a job – it’s a passion. I find immense joy in helping individuals like you increase happiness and reduce stress through West Coast Swing dancing, yoga and mindful movement practices.


Have you also seen videos of WCS on social media lately, wondering what the h*ck is this magical improvised elastic-looking dance?

West Coast Swing might be hard to define but so easy to love. Danced to a broad variety of music; this modern swing dance will for sure bring you big smiles and more joy in your life. 

All in one place to build a community of movers


What others say about Ardena

Not only is Ardena a wonderful west coast swing dancer, she has the dedication, enthusiasm and sheer passion to share her love of the dance with everyone she meets. Oh, and she has bags of talent as an instructor, imparting her knowledge to students in an easy manner and always with a smile on her face. Her enthusiasm and motivation is infectious. Ardena is a remarkable young lady who is an absolute joy to work with and it is always a real pleasure to engage her at our westie events. On the sociable dance floor she can be seen all night long as happy to dance with an absolute beginner as a champion.

John Armstrong - Holmes

Jeg har lært så mye om teknikk i dans, hva som skaper bevegelsene i de forskjellige dansestiler av Ardena Gojani. Hun er en dyktig coach, og har høy kunnskap. Ardena er en inkluderende instruktør som tar varmt imot sine elever.
I tillegg arrangerer hun danse-event der hun bringer kjente dyktige instruktører fra andre land hit til Norge, noe som er veldig inspirerende

Elin Bråten

Har vært på flere west coast swing kurs det siste året med flere internasjonale instruktører, men Ardena er uten tvil den beste til å lære bort og samtidig inspirere med sin fantastiske dansestil😍 Hun er enormt flink til å lære oss bevegelse fra hodet til tå, teknikk og musikalitet og samtidig nye turer. Ardena utfordrer også sine elever som løfter nivået på rekordfart.
Beste wcs instruktøren og en fantastisk varm og flott person på samme tid🤩

Monica B.

Let me start by saying that I haven’t been in a single class with Ardena that the audience did not love. I would give six stars if I could.
I’ve encountered many dance instructors the past years, and Ardena is by far one of the (if not the) best. Her teaching style is amazing, she gives positive feedback on what’s good and she has a knack of figuring out exactly what you are doing wrong and which (often small) changes you can do to your dancing to make it orders of magnitude better.
Lastly, Ardena is not only one of the best dancers I have had the pleasure of dancing with, but she is also an allround great person.

Yngve M.

Ardena is a great teacher with a great passion for dancing. I really enjoy her teaching and have learned so wcs much from her. Thanks for all the good times!

Rikard H.

Ardena is a great teacher that will really make you under the technique of WCS, and how to move your body. She’s always sharing her passion and big smile.

Ruben Bø

West coast swing classes were always the moments I looked forward too.  She made me fall even more in love with the dance.

She is always energetic and enthusiastic.

I learned a lot from her, she would perfect my every move. I hope I have the chance again to follow her dance classes in the future!

Noortje G.

Amazing dancer, amazing instructor! Ardena always adjusts the teaching to the level of her students making sure we learn as much as possible and at the same time challenge us with tecnique, making sure we always aim to get better! She creates a warm environment and always give herself to the dance and to her students! Love her!!

Anneli S.