If you have trained all your life or never trained at all this course is build to meet your personal needs.
You will be training functionally, using kettlebells, sandbag, bands and your own body weight.

The sessions will be held at Argo Movement Studio, Myrveien 2 (same location as Ås Dyreklinikk)
The sessions will incorporate 15 minutes of warm up, mobility and balance exercises, 30 min of strength training, and 10 min of stretching and cool down at the end of each session.

The personal trainer will be demonstrating the exercises to ensure you have proper technique.
With a circuit style training, you will incorporate both strength and cardiovascular exercises that will ensure both strength building and fat loss.

4 meetings in 1 month is a short time to make big changes, but for sure you will sleep better, feel your body getting stronger, you will have more energy and increase flexibility. Most importantly, is that you will learn how to do the exercises properly so you don’t injure yourself and can continue to train alone the other days. 

Training with a personal trainer in a small group will give you the chance to learn proper functional training technique. Having a small group to train along side with will bring the fun and the accountability you need.

Max 6 spots, so book quickly before it fills up!

Looking forward to help guide you in your health journey.